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Pastor Erich Elster - Lecture by Dr Bernd G. Ulbich

The pastor, writer and Freemason Erich Elster (1890-1967) is the focus of a lecture on 30 April 2024. The lecture ‘Pastor Erich Elster’ by Dr Bernd G. Ulbrich will take place at 19:00 in the Archivverbund Dessau, Heidestraße 21. It is a joint event organised by the Association for Anhalt Regional Studies, Dessau regional group, and the St John's Lodge ‘Zu den drei Säulen’ in Orient Dessau.

Erich Elster was the son of the Zerbst cane manufacturer and town councillor Wilhelm Elster. He came to Dessau in 1919 as an assistant preacher at St George's Church. He became well known as a pastor in Ziebigk from 1928 and above all as pastor of the Resurrection parish from 1933 until his retirement in 1961. Bernd G. Ulbrich presents Erich Elster as a very ambivalent personality in his lecture. Erich Elster not only left his mark on the city's ecclesiastical life, but also on its literary life. His memoirs of Dessau and Zerbst were republished a few years ago under the title ‘Ein immer fröhlich Herz’. He also wrote numerous patriotic poems and stories. This was not the only way in which Erich Elster, like many other pastors and church workers with distinctly national-conservative positions, had an impact on public life. He was also a member of the St John's Lodge ‘Zu den drei Säulen’ in Orient Dessau for many years until it was dissolved by the National Socialists.

All interested parties are cordially invited to the lecture. Admission is free.

Time and place:

Tuesday, 30 April 2024, 7.00 pm
Archivverbund Dessau
Heidestraße 21


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