Klughardt exhibition at the theatre

Opening Klughardt Exhibition

15 October 2022 at 4 p.m., Foyer of the Anhaltisches Theater.

"A noble artist's heart has ceased to beat!" read an obituary on the front page of the Anhaltischer Staats-Anzeiger on 5 August 1902. And further: "He who gripped and thrilled our hearts with heaven-sprung tones, the lyre has now sunk from him." [...] At his bier, the whole musical world mourns, but it is loyal Anhalt that mourns most deeply for one of its best sons, whose memory will never be extinguished among us." The obituary was dedicated to the Dessau court conductor, composer and pianist Dr. August Klughardt, who had died two days earlier, on 3 August 1902.

August Klughardt was born in Köthen on 30 November 1847. His musical talent emerged early and was encouraged. After completing his musical education, he began his professional career in the summer of 1867 as Kapellmeister at the Stadttheater Posen. This was followed by engagements in Neustrelitz, Dessau, Lübeck and Weimar. From 1873 to 1882 he was a very successful court conductor in Neustrelitz, then he returned to his native Anhalt as court conductor. He led the Dessau court orchestra to new musical heights, celebrated triumphs as an opera conductor and pianist, tirelessly ensured the success of the Anhalt Music Festivals, made Dessau a Wagner stronghold and made a great name for himself as the composer of numerous, frequently performed chamber music and orchestral works. With his works, Klughardt is still present in the musical world today. A grave monument created by Emanuel Semper in Cemetery III and Klughardtstraße in Dessau-Roßlau commemorate this important composer.

On the occasion of his 175th birthday, August Klughardt is being honoured in various ways this year. These include an exhibition by the Dessau-Roßlau City Archive and the Anhalt Theatre Dessau entitled "August Klughardt (1847-1902). Composer, Conductor, Court Kapellmeister". In addition to texts and pictures on the life and work of August Klughardt, the exhibition will feature an oil painting of Klughardt created by August Seelmann, original documents from the Klughardt estate in the city archives and a historic trombone purchased by the conductor for the court orchestra. The exhibition will open in the foyer of the Anhaltisches Theater on 15 October 2022 at 4 p.m. and will be on view there until 27 November during the opening of the theatre on performance days. Marco Zabel from Neustrelitz will speak about August Klughardt at the exhibition opening. David Werner (oboe), Svetla Kambourova (viola) and Sebastian Kennerknecht (piano) will perform Klughardt's "Schilflieder".

All interested parties are cordially invited! Admission is free.


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